Membership Dues

General Membership:
$120.00 Per Year*

Gallery Range Membership:
$40.00 Per Year**

Turning Target Membership:
$15.00 Per Year***

*WRRC membership run from January 1st through December 31st. We DO NOT prorate dues based on when you join or renew.

** Gallery Range Memberships are not available until your renew for the first time. Orientation (Online Video) is required.

***This membership has a second key card. Orientation (Online Video) is required.

NO S&O/ Member Renewal nights in August or September.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I join your club? All new members are required to attend Safety and Orientation (3rd Tuesday of each month, starts at 6:00PM). This 60 minute class will cover the proper use of our range. Bring Cash or Check to pay your dues after the class. 

Why do I have to retake Safety and Orientation? Safety and Orientation is required for all new members and All members must retake the class every five years. For example if you join in 2022 to renew for 2027 you would have to retake the class. This is to ensure our members are staying up to date on range rules and best safety practices.

Why is my card not working? Most commonly, this is because you did not renew. Cards are shut of December 31st of each year. Next year memberships become available in October of the prior year. For example: If a member joins 8/1/2023 their membership will expire 12/31/23. However, starting 10/1/23 they have the option to pay ahead for their 2024 membership. If they renew anytime between 10/1/23 and 12/31/23 their membership will not expire until 12/31/24.

Alternatively you gate card could be broken. If the reader does not beep when you hold your card to it, your card is broken. Contact the club at

2800 Number 2
Canyon Road,
Wenatchee, WA


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