President - David Belmont
Vice President - Justin Klotzbuecher
Treasurer - Carson Lutz
Secretary - Ron Skaggs

Trustee - Sharon Rose
Trustee - Kane Simpson
Trustee - Gene Robinson

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
December 15th, 1791 

Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club Newsletter - March 2021


Members of WRRC,

I'm pleased to introduce your 2021 Board! But first I'd like to thank Brian Ernsberger, Chris Wilder, and Wes Childers for their service on the 2020 WRRC Board! Thank you so much for all of your work!

President - David Belmont

Vice President - Justin Klotzbuecher

Secretary - Ron Skaggs

Treasurer - Carson Lutz

Trustee - Sharon Rose

Trustee - Kane Simpson

Trustee - Gene Robinson

We are very exciting to serve WRRC for the 2021 Year.

David Belmont | WRRC Club President


You can still watch the 2021 Annual Meeting Video!

Follow these instructions to view the Annual Meeting and Meeting "Minutes":

  • Navigate to > Select member portal
  • Login using your email as your username (This is the email you gave the club)
  • If you are unsure of your password it is preset to your Member Number/Key Card Number.
  • Change your password if required.
  • Click on the View Annual Meeting link!


  • Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  • Keep your finger straight an off of the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  • Never point the muzzle of your firearm at anything that you are not willing to shoot.
  • Know your target and what lies beyond it.

RUGER 10/22

Any time I am staring down a range day involving several hundred round rounds of .45 or 9mm Luger, the one accessory I never forget to pack in my range bag, in order to save both time and my thumbs, is my trusty Maglula UpLULA handheld magazine loader. Now Maglula has applied the same technology to another of America’s most popular platforms: the Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Sold as a pair, the Maglula 10/22 BX LULA and Unloader set is easy to set up and quick to use. Simply orient the large and small pins on the 10/22 magazine toward their respective holes on the loader (front and rear) and press until the magazine snaps in place. Then push on the top lever, which only requires light pressure to hold down the follower and cartridges so fresh ammunition can be added. To disengage the magazine, press the release tab on the bottom and it falls right out.

Load a magazine too many? Clip the handy unloader onto the small rear magazine pin. Once in place, actuate the lever back until the magazine is empty, a process that only takes seconds.

If you regularly shoot a 10/22, or anything that uses Ruger factory BX-1, -5 and -10 rotary or BX-15 or -25 “banana” style magazines along with T/CR22 10 rounders, then the 10/22 BX LULA is a veritable necessity, and pays for itself after several hours of range time. Price: $40.00.

David Herman American Rifleman March 2019


The Ant and the Grasshopper:

Two farmers leaned on the fence early one morning discussing the weather, when they were going to harvest their corn, and other such topics that were pertinent to their livelihood. The neighbor then noticed a pig out in the feed lot that had a wooden leg. Natural curiosity demanded an explanation. He then asked his neighbor what was the story on the pig with a wooded leg? He responded with a smile and a tear in his eye and unfolded the story that went like this.

This spring I was plowing and my plow hit a large rock that was underground. It flipped me and the tractor upside down. There was no possible way I could get myself free of the tractor. I was plowing the lower forty and no one could hear me call for help. After I laid there for about an hour that pig came over to where I was trapped and started rooting around the tractor and it wasn’t long before that pig had loosened up the dirt so much that I was able to wiggle out from under that tractor. 

But what about the wooden leg on that pig? Well, said the farmer, that there pig rooted around and saved my life helping to free me from the tractor, and he’s such a good pig and all, I just hated to eat him all at once.

Ron Skaggs, Editor

WRRC Events

Events will resume their normal schedule in March 2021.

David Belmont, WRRC President and Chairman of the Events Committee

Ron Skaggs
WRRC Secretary and Editor.