Annual Meeting Minutes: January 18th, 2020 10:00AM

President David Belmont opened meeting with greeting to members and introduced current Board Members.

68 members present for meeting (plus 12 more that renewed membership but didn’t stay).

Secretary Ron Skaggs read Annual Meeting Minutes from 1-19-19.

Brian Ernsberger gave financial report.
 Checking $2968.32
 Savings $4750.13
 C.D. $9791.03

Brian discussed report and stated that flood damage restoration has cost our Club $13,065.42 so far. We had enough funds set aside to pay for the flood restoration due to good prior planning.

Current members before today’s renewals 366

Vice President Bill Deters discussed R.S.O. program for 2020. Will ask R.S.O.’s to help teach S&O classes.

We now have 14 newly certified R.S.O.’s.

Bill plans to hold two more R.S.O. classes this year with special emphasis on safety. To be announced.

The Safety Committee will be updating our range rules. Will be looking for member input. Please give ideas or suggestion to an R.S.O. or Board member.

After today all old R.S.O certifications are no longer valid.

Our club “may” give first aid classes to our members sometime in the future.

Because of our R.S.O. program and Safety Committee, our Club is much safer than ever before.

We now have an emergency 911 phone and Wi-Fi for member usage.

Bill Deters explained how to use the emergency phone to contact emergency personnel. If available, R.S.O.’s will help direct first responders to the emergency.

R.S.O.’s will be receiving new badges soon.

President David Belmont is the Chairman of the Technology Committee. David has recently updated our website and calendar and posted range closures and range hours.

1. Discussed firearm safety procedures for t he firing line, such as cleaning and handling a firearm. Would like a “Post-A-Video demonstration”.
2. Would like a “Post-A-View” Demonstration on how to charge and clean a black powder muzzle loader safely at the firing line. Also, a demonstration for proper cold range procedure.
3. Several members said they have not been receiving emails. David said he would investigate it soon.
4. Questions about uncased firearms transported from vehicle to firing line. Our Safety Committee is currently seeking a workable solution.

Club President David Belmont explained election procedures. Six current Board Members ran for office again leaving one vacancy. Chris Wilder was nominated.
Secretary Ron Skaggs made a motion to cease nominations. Crystal VanCaster Second. Motion Carried. Results announced. Chris Wilder elected to Board.

President David Belmont
Vice President Bill Deters
Treasurer Brian Ernsberger
Secretary Ron Skaggs
Trustee Sharon Rose
Trustee Kane Simpson
Trustee Chris Wilder

Mark Adams won the Grand Prize of a $100.00 Gift Card to Sportsman’s Warehouse, a $50.00 Gift Card to Millpond Armory, and 1-year free membership.
Larry Thompson won a $50.00 gift card to Sportsman’s Warehouse and 1-year free membership.
Amy Fox won a $30.00 gift card to Hooked on Toys and 1-year free membership.
We had several other winners of various ammo, gear, and prizes. Congratulations to Denise Sheets, Bruce Week, Wes Childers, Richard Schubert, Mike McIntyre, Ray Cook and John Bridger.

Bill Deters made a motion to adjourn. Sharon Rose second. Motion carried Meeting Adjourned.