We hope you'll become a member!

WRRC was formed in 1922 and ever since then we have done our best to provide a fully functional shooting range to the Wenatchee Area! In order to protect the safety of our members and the best interests of WRRC itself we require an initial Safety and Orientation course for all of our members (and every five years) to become a Member at WRRC.

Membership Year runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year.
WRRC does not prorate dues.

Here's the process to join our club:

Safety and Orientation


Safety and Orientation is a one (1) hour course that covers all the range has to offer, expected behavior of our members, and most importantly, how to safely use our range.

Immediately following S&O you will be able to pay for for your membership. You will receive a membership card and key card which will operate the gate during open hours.

Immediately following Safety and Orientation you will have the opportunity to pay for your membership.


New Members are eligible to join as:

  • General Outdoor Members¬† - This grants access to WRRC Facilities during normal business hours (8:00AM to close)
  • Turning Target Members - This grants access to WRRC Facilities during normal business hours AND access to our Turning Target System on the Turning Target Range.

Gate Access Key Cards will be active by 8:00AM the following day. 

Click the link below to check out our calendar and find the next available Safety and Orientation Course that works for your schedule. Hope to see you there!

S&O Schedule

2800 Number 2
Canyon Road,
Wenatchee, WA


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