NRA Bullseye Pistol

Out longest standing event is NRA Bullseye Pistol. Competition are scheduled several times per year but there are bi-weekly open shoots. The competition layout is shooting, one handed, from a static position. Targets are at 25 and/or 50 yards, depending on the specific string of fire. 

This event is held on the WRRC Precision Pistol Range (located behind the club house). Click the link below for more information.

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WRRC Speed Steel

Based off of USPA's Steel Challenge, WRRC's Speed Steel follows the same format in a much more relaxed format. Engage steel targets from 7 to 30 yards with pistols or pistol caliber carbines. Electronic shot timers track the exact time it took you to complete a string of fire.

Utilizing our shotgun, training, and precision pistol ranges this event is held the last Saturday of each month. Start time is 9:00AM or 8:30AM depending on the time of year. Click the link below for more information.

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Private Events

In addition to WRRC Sponsored events, third part "Private Events" are hosted at WRRC. These instructors pay a rental fee to WRRC and information about these classes can be found in the individually scheduled events on the WRRC Calendar if the instructor provided details. Look for the Blue/Green Calendar items to know that it is a private event.

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