Volunteer Ran, Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club is all of us. The Members.

Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club (WRRC) was established in 1922. Since then we have evolved over the years from a National Guard Training Center, law enforcement training center, and finally a local club made up of members. We pride ourselves on being strong proponents of the shooting sports, firearm rights, and most importantly you, the shooting community. All membership dues, donations, and fundraising goes straight back into making WRRC one of the best places to exercise safe firearms use. Hope to see you around.

WRRC Board of Trustees

The Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club's Indoor Range is an "add-on" membership to the basic outdoor membership. It is an 8 lane 50 ft. range with each lane having both bench and prone level steel bullet traps. This facility is not for novice shooters as unsafe or uneducated firearm handling could result in damage to the facility or injury. If you would like a membership to the indoor range please attend one of the Tuesday Night Safety and Orientation Classes (1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month).

The steel bullet traps are NOT AR500. As such only Non Jacket Bullets with a speed of less than 1200 fps are allowed on this range. For the most part that is handloads (lead bullets), .22LR, and some plated bullets. If you are not sure about the speed of your ammunition please contact the WRRC Board via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., BEFORE USING THIS RANGE.

In the past we have had issues with members misusing this range and causing substantial damage. As such we require an additional orientation and fee to have access to this range. In addition we have installed 24 hour Video Surveillance for both your safety and the preservation of the facility.