WRRC Events

Events serve several purposes at Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club. First and foremost they provide a place for our members to socialize, meet other gun owners, and forge a community here in the Wenatchee Valley. Equally important they provide a supervised place for shooters to learn new skills, improve their marksmanship, and practice the safety fundamentals that all responsible firearms owners should have. Secondarily they provide additional income for the club that helps us to keep the lights on and doors open for our community!

Bullseye Pistol

Precision Pistol at either 50 feet (Indoor Gallery Range) or 25/50 Yards (Bullseye Range). Dial down on the fundamentals that are required for all marksmen.  Every Monday at 8:00AM and Wednesday at 5:00PM.

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Speed Steel

The balance between speed, accuracy and precision. Pistols and Pistol Caliber Carbines are used to engage steel plates at 7 - 25 yards as quickly as possible. Last Saturday of each month (January - October). Usually about 175 rounds per gun.

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Center Fire Rifle

Engaging targets from the bench out to and past 200 yards.  Marksmanship is paramount and taking part in these matches will definitely improve your skill set! Demo scheduled for April 26th at 10:00AM.

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