Ruger National Match

Due to .22 ammo being in short supply these matches are no longer being held on a regular basis. When the situation eases these matches will be back.

Thanks to the fertile imagination of the Bullseye contingent of this Club we bring you a new game for your shooting pleasure, the "Ruger National Match Course". It is a "blast" to shoot (pun intended) so check back here often to see when we will start this up. The proposed rules are posted below: Proposed rules for WR&RC .22lr rifle competition 1. All competitors and spectators must wear hearing/eye protection 2. Any safe .22lr semi auto rim fire rifle may be used. a. NO full auto allowed b. For matches that have only 10 or less shot per string, the rifle maybe fed with by clip, magazine, or tube. c. For matches that are more than 10 shots per string, the rifle must be equipped with a detachable clip or magazine. d. There is one class of rifles to be used in this competition, SAFE. So you "Run what you brung" Any sight, any stock, any size barrel. It must be semi auto only and safe to use. The range master has the right to have any rifle checked for safety issues. e. Empty chamber indicators will be furnished and all rifles not on the firing line shall have one installed. 3. Courses of fire A. "Ruger National Match Course" 1. Shot at 50 ft indoors and 25 yards outdoors. 2. Shot on a "Ruger National Match Course" target that consists of one B-2 center (6-10 ring) and two B-3 (8-X ring) centers on one target. 3. Course consist of: a. Slow fire- 2 strings of 5 shots on slow fire target (the B-2 center) in 20 seconds each string. b. Timed fire- 1 string of 10 shots in 20 seconds on one of the B-3 centers. c. Rapid fire- 1 string of 10 shots in 10 seconds on the other B-3 center. d. reload magazines and repeat the first 4 strings. 4. 1 (one) alibi is allowed per match. 5. Each competitor will shoot 60 shots for score. 6. All shots will be fired from the standing position , unsupported B. "60 Second Drill" (aka "The One Minute Match") 1. Shot a 50 ft indoors & 25 yards outdoors 2. Shot on the "Ruger National Match Course" target as described above. 3. Shot in 60 consecutive seconds, 10 shots on each "center". 4. Mandatory 2 clip/magazine changes. 5. Only the worst 10 shots on each target will be scored. 6. NO alibis are allowed, but magazine changes to clear jams, etc. are allowed as long as you can do it all in 60 seconds. 7. 2 strings of 30 shots to be scored together (60 shots) 8. Competitors must have a minimum of 3 clips/ magazines (4 is better), 10 round or more, to shoot this course. 9. All shots will be fired from the standing position, unsupported 4. Range Rules Indoors/Outdoors with turning targets or horn/whistle signaling the start/finish- Shooters to start with rifles shouldered and commence & end firing when the target turns or horn/whistle sounds. 5. Scoring a. Individuals will score their own targets and turn targets in to range master for checking and tally. b. Targets will be furnished, to avoid the accidental turning in of the wrong targets, all targets will be marked. c. Cost is $2.00 per match, Which include 6 targets & $1.00 towards prize fund for the top two shooters for the evening. d. Shooters may (time permitting) shoot more than one set of targets per night.

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