Bullseye Pistol

The Bullseye group meets in the indoor range on Monday mornings, from 8 am - 11 am, and Wednesday nights from 5pm - 8pm during the indoor shooting season (winter months). During the outdoor shooting season the Bullseye group meets at the outdoor Bullseye range (located behind the Club House) on Monday mornings, from 8am - 11am, and Wednesday nights from 5pm - 8pm. We are always looking for new pistol shooters who would like to try their hand at Bullseye (Conventional) Pistol shooting, so feel free to show up during those times and see what we are doing. Everyone is welcome.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like a photo taken down.


Ever wanted to try Bullseye Pistol? Are you put off by one-handed holds, special equipment, or maybe that looong 50 yard line? We’ve designed this fun match especially for the pistol shooter new to Bullseye, as well as more experienced Bullseye shooters. WRRC has first class Bullseye facilities both Indoors and Outdoors. Try it, we think you’ll like it!

This match will be fired on our Outdoor Bullseye Range on provided NRA Standard Pistol targets at 25 yards. No sighting shots before the match. NRA Sanctioned Bullseye (now called Precision Pistol) Rules require a one-handed hold; for this match, two handed holds are OK. "Shoot what you have" - any safe pistol or revolver that can hold five rounds, rimfire or centerfire, any sights. (Not intended for rifles, carbines, or pistol type ARs, no slings, rests, or wrist braces). Empty Chamber Indicators (chamber flags) are required, we can provide one if you forget yours. Extra magazines are helpful but not required. Firearms must be boxed or cased to and from the line. Bring your target stapler and masking tape if you have them. An outdoor chair might be nice.

We will conduct three “National Match” courses of fire for score, each course consisting of 10 rounds slow fire (10 rounds in 10 minutes), 10 rounds timed fire (5 shots in 20 seconds x 2), and 10 rounds rapid fire (5 rounds in 10 seconds x 2). 90 rounds total, 900 points possible. You will want some extra rounds if you have an “alibi” (we will explain). We will shoot the NRA standard 50 yard slow fire target at 25 yards. Timed and Rapid on NRA Standard 25 yard turning targets. If we have more than 14 shooters we will add additional relays. We love to introduce new shooters to Bullseye!

Sign-in @ 8:30AM, safety/orientation brief starts @ 9AM, shooting begins shortly after. $5.00 cash or check per shooter includes targets and simple lunch after the match.

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