Safety and Orientation Classes


Bench Rest Matches are held the 2nd full weekend of the months March through July. These matches are held at the upper range and start at 8:30 AM. We shoot 100-200 and 300 yards typically shooting 2 yardages in a day. A yardage consists of a warm up match followed by 5 record matches 1 through 5. Each one of this matches consists of a target with a sighter  and 5 record bulls. You are allowed 7 minutes to shoot each match with 15 or 20 minutes in between. The score for a yardage is based on 25 record shots with a possible 250 points and 25 X's. These matches are open to anyone that would like to shoot and are a great way to learn the conditions that makes shooting a challenge. To shoot a yardage you would need at about 60 rounds of ammo for the rifle you are shooting and bipods or a rest to shoot off the bench with. There is a fee of  $5.00 per yardage to cover target costs. Be an hour early or so to get set up. Any one that would like to come up and watch or check it out is more than welcome just bring some good ear protection with you. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 509-679-9618 or email me at Thanks Tom Peyton.


Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club

Required Safety and Orientation Class

Hello Everyone,

All new members will need to attend a WRRC Safety & Orinentation class before they purchase their membership.  You may pay your dues immediately after the class is over, checks or cash only please as we are not set up to take credit cards, but it is not required that you do so at that time.  But since you may only pay your dues just before or just after any S&O Class it may be the most convenient for you if you are able to do it at the end of your class rather than coming back later.  Your membership expires the day of the Annual Meeting (held in January) regardless of what time of year it is purchased.  Please do not show up at the Annual Meeting expecting to purchase a membership if you haven't already taken the class.

All members are required to retake the Class every 5 years.

All classes will be held at the Club in the front part of the Indoor Range which will be closed for shooting during class times. There is no charge for attending the class. The proposed class schedule and a contact number for scheduling is at the end of this message.

Only the person who is the actual member is required to attend.

Everyone will be required to produce a government issued photo identification (drivers license, etc), and current members will need to present their membership card and their key card when they attend a class. Everyone will also be asked to provide their current email address. Since this is the primary way in which we communicate with Club members we would like to be sure that we have it correctly entered in our records.  If any of your contact information changes during the year, please let us know so we can keep our records current.

Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club
Volunteer Range Safety Officer Program
The Board is also instituting a program for Volunteer Range Safety Officers. They will report to a Chief Range Safety Officer who will, in turn, be a delegate to the Board of Trustees. We would like to have as many even tempered, unbiased, friendly folks as possible sign up for these positions the object of which is to guide members to follow the Range Rules and Safety Guidelines with the understanding that there are consequences for not doing so, right up to turning off their key and terminating their membership permanently. If you are interested in becoming a VRSO, there will be a sign up sheet available at the Safety/Orientation classes. You will be required to read the NRA Range Safety Officer manual and pass a short test to become a VRSO.

Safety and Orientation Class Schedule and Contact Info
The Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club Safety and Orientation Classes will be instructed by Lane Giard, owner of "The Gun Man".
Please contact Lane at 679-3909 to save your place in one of the classes listed below:

(NOTE: "Walk in's" are always welcome so come when you can.)

Cash or check only please, we are not set up to take credit cards.

Classes will be held on the following days starting at 6 pm unless noted differently.

Monday April 7

Monday April 21

Sunday April 27

Monday May 12

Thursday May 22

Monday June 2